Grand Finale & Concert of British Greats

Grand Finale & Concert of British Greats


Audience Tickets Be part of a vibrant audience. Come support, encourage and applaud your family or friends taking part in this life changing event.  One paying person on this night will win a round trip ticket to USA (terms and conditions apply). Not to be missed!

Audience Voter Ticket Grab this great opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale showcase and cast your vote for who you believe Fred Jerkins III should choose to work with.  One person on this night will win a round trip ticket to the USA (terms & conditions apply).

Concert Of British Greats In addition to having the opportunity to vote in the Grand Finale, this ticket also give you entry to the Concert of British Greats, which takes place immediately after the Grand Finle.  We have an outstanding line up of artists such as: Mobo Award winner, 2013 BEFFTA Award winner and Praisetek winner Lurine Cato, Aaron T Aaron, King Arthur, The Cokers, VM & New Ye, Millicent Stephenson, Clif & Marie, Joshua Kesler, Roger Samuels and more………. We aim to make this an evening to remember, so be prepared to be amazed and be ready to clap your hands and stamp your feet.

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