Welcome to Fred Jerkins III

Fred Jerkin III will be coming to the UK in search of fresh talent. He is in search of singers, songwriters, producers, musicians, rappers etc.  if your feel that you have what Fred is looking for, you have come to the right place.

There are two ways in which you can obtain Fred’s undivided attention. We are currently taking bookings for One 2 Ones and Auditions.

A One 2 One is a session in which you meet with Uncle Freddie in the studio for either 15, 30 or 60 minutes face to face. During this time you can discuss all topics regarding the furtherance of you music career, play demos, play instruments, get feed back or even do an on the spot audition.  You will be free to engage Uncle Freddie in to all manner of talk regarding the music industry to gain excessive knowledge.

Auditions are scheduled to take place in London from 5th April – 12th April 2014. When you book an audition ticket, you will be privileged to sit in the Fred Jerkins III Q & A Masterclass, where you will learn about the music industry, how it works and the ways to put yourself forward.  Following this you will embark on an audition tutorial, giving highlights on how to give a successful audition.  You will then be given the stage to render a live audition.  Each person is given a minimum of one minute to perform after which time, you continue until Uncle Freddie tells you to stop.

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